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was firefox-37, where to put now moving home partition

On 04/03/2015 10:35 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:

Is booting with the single option on the kernels command line
insufficient for this scenario?
Gene, when you first boot, boot into rescue mode and login as root. now /home is nicely idle, after you have installed the 3rd new drive and have partitioned it. Now, let's assume it is now drive sdc with a 1 and 2 partitions and you have formated them both with ext4. edit your /etc/fstab file to add:
/dev/sdc1   /newopt ext4
/dev/sdc2   /newhome ext4
.and save it.

now type mount newopt
and mount /newhome
cd /
cp -raf /home /newhome  and take a nap
then cp -raf /opt /newopt  then mow the lawn
When all done edit /etc/fstab again and change /newhome to /home and /newopt to /opt. Remove any other references to your previous /opt and or /home if you have them... save it and reboot. Voila! You should be using the new partitions. Just type df to have a look-see. To regain the old space, boot into rescue mode again as root, AFTER you are happy with the result, cd into / and umount /home. The old home should auto-magically appear. Type df to be sure. rm -rf the sucker. umount /opt , type df again as insurance, and do the same thing. You will have regained a bunch of space. Reboot and login as your user and find /home and /opt using the new drive since fstab told your system what to use and where. Type df in a terminal. All should be good. :) Ric

p/s cp -raf will recursively copy all subdirectories and maintain file attributes and ownership. If that drive is the second harddrive then it will be referenced as sdb, so you will have sdb1 and sdb2 entries in /etc/fstab God only knows what you will do with two terabyte /home and /opt partitions!

p/p/s Wait until I get some critique here, just in case I have misspoke! But that should be basically correct.

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