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Re: firefox-37, where to put

On Friday 03 April 2015 14:03:38 Gene Heskett wrote:
> But you mentioned cleaning out /home when mounting another partition over
> it, but I'd need a tutorial on how to do that since the .home dir, once
> the 2nd drive is mounted oin top of it, isn't accessible. FWIW, I've
> large boatload of stuff in /opt that I'd like to treat the same way.  
> Same problem with /opt.  But I figure I'd do that too as it sure would
> save days of copying stuff when upodateing an install.

/home is a mount point, not a partition.  You don't mount anything over it, 
you mount something on it.  So you mount your new home partition on the /home 
mount point.  You then mount your old home partition on another mount point 
and copy the data from it to your new home partition.

You get into all these problems because you will make simple things 
complicated.  Note the command is mount and ignore my slip-of-the-pen mnt.

You could do the same thig with /opt.  But why not cross one bridge at a time.  
Worry about a separate home for now.


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