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Re: was firefox-37, where to put now moving home partition

On Saturday 04 April 2015 02:33:00 Ric Moore wrote:
> On 04/03/2015 10:35 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Is booting with the single option on the kernels command line
> > insufficient for this scenario?
> Gene, when you first boot, boot into rescue mode and login as root.
> now /home is nicely idle, after you have installed the 3rd new drive
> and have partitioned it. Now, let's assume it is now drive sdc with a
> 1 and 2 partitions and you have formated them both with ext4. edit
> your /etc/fstab file to add:
> /dev/sdc1   /newopt ext4
> /dev/sdc2   /newhome ext4
> .and save it.
> now type mount newopt
> and mount /newhome
> cd /
> cp -raf /home /newhome  and take a nap
> then cp -raf /opt /newopt  then mow the lawn
> When all done edit /etc/fstab again and change /newhome to /home and
> /newopt to /opt. Remove any other references to your previous /opt and
> or /home if you have them... save it and reboot. Voila! You should be
> using the new partitions. Just type df to have a look-see. To regain
> the old space, boot into rescue mode again as root, AFTER you are
> happy with the result, cd into / and umount /home. The old home should
> auto-magically appear. Type df to be sure. rm -rf the sucker. umount
> /opt , type df again as insurance, and do the same thing. You will
> have regained a bunch of space. Reboot and login as your user and find
> /home and /opt using the new drive since fstab told your system what
> to use and where. Type df in a terminal. All should be good. :) Ric
> p/s cp -raf will recursively copy all subdirectories and maintain file
> attributes and ownership. If that drive is the second harddrive then
> it will be referenced as sdb, so you will have sdb1 and sdb2 entries
> in /etc/fstab  God only knows what you will do with two terabyte /home
> and /opt partitions!
> p/p/s Wait until I get some critique here, just in case I have
> misspoke! But that should be basically correct.
Sounds about right Ric. If I can remember ny root password.  But on a new 
install, I'd login as me, and sudo -i.  No root pw has been set at that 
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