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Re: remote printing for an USB printer [SOLVED]

On Thu, 25 Dec 2014, Brian wrote:

From man cups-browsed:

  3.  Broadcast local queues with the CUPS protocol.

    yes, but the next line says

    Note that 2. and 3. are only to allow communication with legacy CUPS servers (1.5.x or older) on the remote machine(s)

     that seems apply to the server side, on which for me  the version is 1.7...
     Anyway, enabling it on the server side gave nothing for me.

If your aim is for the Wheezy client to be able to discover printers on
the network automatically the last thing you want is a client.conf file.
What *is* your aim?

      my aim (which I thought obvious) is simply to be able to print on my 2 printers from the laptops
      whatever method is used (the easiest one is of course welcome)

I'd be inclined to purge (apt-get purge libcups2) and reinstall cups to
start with a sane cupsd.conf.

        purging libcups2 was impossible, as apt-get requested to purge 362 other packages !!
        anyway, I don't see why this is needed, as the package contains only one file, libcups.so.2, which could not
        be modified by anybody.
        I followed your recommendation to re-install cups , (in spite of the listbugs warning.)
        As expected, the result was to reproduce the inital situation, for which I sent my OP
        (queue growing indefinitly on the server)

        At last, I found a good setup, just using client.conf. The reason why I didn't used it before was that
        I saw my USB printer, but not the one with a direct connection to ethernet.
        After re-installing the ethernet printer  on  the server, I see both (I don't know why)
        and I can print on both printers without any error.

        Thanks to all users who spent some time trying to help me.

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