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Re: USB drive mounted Read-only; what to do ?

On Sb, 20 dec 14, 19:50:51, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Good question.  It feels like we have come full circle.  That was the
> way it was before the introduction of devfs and udev.  It appears that
> things now have returned to the way it was before udev.  Which won't
> bother the old-school Unix folks because we already lived through that
> and already know how to deal with it.  But why haven't the next
> generation started complaining about it?  If it works for them, then
> how?  The changelog says they are obsolete.  But then what is the
> replacement for them?

If my understanding is correct, "normal" read/write permissions are 
handled by udisks and should work regardless of whether a user happened 
to be the first one set up (usually by debian-installer) or not.

Whether it is a good idea to restrict writing to the raw device only to 
root-equivalent users is a different question.

On one hand I don't think it's such a big burden to use su/do or similar 
for this type of operation, on the other hand it's slightly easier to 
pick the wrong device and destroy your data.

Kind regards,
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