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Re: About Testing Freeze and KDE

On Mi, 10 dec 14, 23:10:36, The Wanderer wrote:
> IOW, if version 2.2.4 of a program is packaged, and upstream releases
> version 2.3.0 after the freeze, it might be reasonable to stick with
> 2.2.4 in preparing testing for release - but if upstream releases 2.2.5
> as a bugfix release for the 2.2.x line after the freeze (even if
> upstream has not released 2.3.0 yet), shouldn't 2.2.5 be included in
> testing, as part of preparing testing for release?
> I think that's a reasonable sort of question. There might be solid
> answers to it, reasons why it would be better to stick with 2.2.4 rather
> than include 2.2.5 in the release, but so far I don't think the thread
> is providing them.

Because the answer depends on too many factors.

- is this really just a bug-fix release?
- how serious are the bugs being fixed?
- how intrusive are the changes?
- does the particular upstream have a good track record in such matters?
- what about the package maintainer?
- etc.

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