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Re: Replacing systemd in Jessie

On Ma, 09 dec 14, 18:48:54, Patrick Bartek wrote:
> What patterns did you see?
> What claims did I make?  What a lot of Debian server admins think of
> systemd?  A rhetorical statement.  A lot of Debian server admins
> don't like systemd to put it mildly. They said so -- explicitly -- with
> various reasons why. Now, whether what they "claimed" is true or not
> remains to be seen, but we do know their opinions.

"A lot" can mean just about anything without some concrete numbers 
behind it. But this is getting off topic, so if you expect any more 
answers from me please follow up on the -offtopic list (CC and Reply-To 
set accordingly).

Kind regards,
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