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Re: Replacing systemd in Jessie

On Sun, 30 Nov 2014, Miles Fidelman wrote:

> Patrick Bartek wrote:
> > [big snip]
> > As for me, Wheezy is working fine, and I have no plans of
> > dist-upgrading to Jessie, or even clean installing it other than as
> > a learning experience. I'm going to see what transpires with the
> > release after Jessie before making any decisions regarding my
> > future use of Debian.
> >
> Likewise, for me (and in some VMs Squeeze and Lenny are working just 
> fine).  I was waiting for Jessie to stabilize to upgrade everything,
> but I think I'll just upgrade everything to Wheezy and stand pat for
> a while.
> I'm predicting (or maybe that's hoping) that Jessie proves to be 
> Debian's equivalent of Microsoft Vista (with Wheezy as XP).  Maybe,
> just maybe, sanity will return for Jessie + 1. (You heard it here
> first, folks.)

I fear that once systemd is firmly entrenched in Debian as the default
init more distros will follow suit, and more and more developers will
start writing apps with systemd, or parts of it, as a dependency
for the "features" it offers. I doubt whether future Debian releases
will offer an install option menu for alternate inits as is currently
done with desktop GUIs.  Too much work and duplication.  For example,
you'd need a systemd udev as well as one that's not, etc.  Or a "clean"
systemd that has no such dependencies.  Or opt for compiling your
system (or parts of it) from source.  Lots of work.


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