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Re: udev memory problem when trying to plug a disk with corrupted partition table

On 20/11/14 20:13, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> Scott Ferguson a écrit :
>> On 20/11/14 12:45, Martin Read wrote:
>>> On 20/11/14 01:03, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>>>>>> On 20/11/14 04:06, "Morel Bérenger" wrote:
>>>>>>> I think it's msdos.
>>>> AFAIK mdos partition tables don't support anywhere near that number of
>>>> slices.  :(
> MS-DOS partition tables support any number of logical partitions.

... using E(P)BRs - limited only by disk space for them.

Thanks for the correction Pascal, apologies to the OP for the

>>> MSDOS extended partitions contain a linked list of logical partitions.
>>> It looks, from the pattern of that table, like the linked list has been
>>> corrupted so as to form a cycle.
> Indeed, after logical partition 8 it seems to loop back to logical
> partition 6.
>> A dd of the first 512 bytes will show you whether you've overextended
>> your MBR. If you have - that will explain the corruption (dos is limited
>> to 512b).
> No, the MBR does not contain the chained extended partition tables.

correct (again), they can be located anywhere on the disk
>> The somewhat good news is that it's fixable.
> Yes. If recovery tools such as testdisk or gpart cannot fix the loop, my
> tool of choice would be sfdisk to export, edit by hand (keep partitions
> 1 to 8 only) and recreate the partition table.

Might be worth fscking the disk first in case that's where the problem lies.

Kind regards

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