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Re: Installing an Alternative Init?

On Jo, 13 nov 14, 10:49:44, Amodelo wrote:
> I am also not interested in testing an ugly work-around (install 
> unwanted A, replace it by B). My servers seem to have similar 
> configurations like those of Miles Fidelman.
> I definitely want a straight upgrade path with a minimum of problems, 
> and a minimum of wasted time. That’s why I choosed Debian.

The replacing is only necessary on fresh *Jessie* installs.

Upgrading from Wheezy will probably only require installing 
sysvinit-core before the dist-upgrade step.

systemd *will* be pulled in by any package that requires systemd-logind, 
but that shouldn't be a problem on servers:

$ aptitude search '?depends(libpam-systemd)'
p   gdm3                            - GNOME Display Manager                     
p   gnome-bluetooth                 - GNOME Bluetooth tools                     
p   gnome-settings-daemon           - daemon handling the GNOME session settings
i   lightdm                         - simple display manager                    
i A network-manager                 - network management framework (daemon and u
i A policykit-1                     - framework for managing administrative poli
i A udisks2                         - D-Bus service to access and manipulate sto
p   wmshutdown                      - dockapp to shutdown or reboot your machine

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