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Qsynth working, Fluidsynth not

Hello Debian users,

    I recently bought a MIDI keyboard and tried it with qsynth (which is
the Qt interface to fluidsynth); everything works (midi events are recognised,
sound comes out, using alsa_seq).

Now to the problem; when I try to use fluidsynth instead of qsynth, MIDI
events are recognised (I can see them with -v option), but no sound comes
out of the speakers.

To further test this, I tried:

    fluidsynth -ni <patch.sf2> <music.mid>

without success. This seems extremely strange, since qsynth should call
fluidsynth to generate sounds.

I would like to use fluidsynth rather than qsynth. Does anyone use fluidsynth
to play midi files? If so, how are you invoking it? I guess I am missing some
operations **before** invoking fluidsynth, but I don't know which ones.

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