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Re: Installing an Alternative Init?

Le mardi, 11 novembre 2014, 12.34:10 Miles Fidelman a écrit :
> Laurent Bigonville wrote:
> > There are no functional differences between an installation with
> > sysvinit-core out of the box or an install where sysvinit-core is
> > installed later, this is a fact.
> No, that's NOT a fact.  At least it's not a tested and demonstrated
> fact for complex configurations such as virtualized environments with
> complicated file system wiring.

Laurent has put up a claim with which you disagree out of guessing, 
without putting up any demonstrable or testable counter-proof yourself.

> (…)
> I'm not particularly interested in testing how well install/replace
> systemd and its dependencies works in our environment (both hypervisor
> level or guest debootstrapped guest domain).

If I rephrase what you're saying, you're basically expecting others to 
make sure your environment still works as you see fit across the wheezy-
to-jessie upgrade, right?

That's really too bad, because you're exactly the one best person to 
detect problems, write constructive bug reports or provide patches (or 
wording suggestions) for the upgrade notes to make sure your environment 
will work as you see fit after the upgrade to Jessie (be it for dist-
upgrades or new installations, by the way).

If you are not doing the work needed, why would others? You seem to be 
projecting very high expectations onto the Debian project and its 
volunteers, without acknowledging the fact that you're getting this work 
exactly for free, which I think is unfair (but that's probably just me).


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