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Re: Valuing non-code contributions -- was Re: systemd - so much energy wasted in quarreling

Erwan David wrote:
Le 11/11/2014 18:59, Don Armstrong a écrit :
On Tue, 11 Nov 2014, Rob Owens wrote:
This type of comment says to me that my contributions to Debian are
useless if they are not in the form of code.
https://contributors.debian.org/ is everyone who we know has contributed
to Debian in one of the ways that we currently measure. [Granted, it's
not complete, but people are working on it.]

See https://contributors.debian.org/contributor/don%40debian for

All kinds of contributions to Debian are welcome.

But that said, at the end of the day, someone has to do the work.
Whether it's the work writing documentation, filing bugs, writing
patches, testing patches, answering questions, or helping others, if no
one does the work, the work doesn't get done.

When I (or someone else) asks people to "show us the code", it's really
just shorthand for "someone needs to do this work, and it currently
isn't important enough for me to do it."

Asking to provide a patch to an utterly compex code is just cpomplete
non-sens and hypocrisy : one cannot patch any complex software without
working on it for long hours.

And when the probleme  is te basic design of the software a patch is not

And then, beyond that, there's the question of whether the packagers and/or maintainers chose to incorporate the patch, and when. (Someone DID write a patch to bug #66801 for example - it's just sitting there.)

Miles Fidelman

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