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Re: Perfect Jessie is something like this...

Once upon a time Scott Ferguson wrote:
> I'm asking why people keep insisting that systemd is bad
> *because it's not the UNIX way*.

Looking at the big picture: Why are any of us here, using Linux in
general and debian specifically?  There is no shortage of major
projects and industries working 'fine' on Windows so clearly it works,
why aren't we all running Windows?

Imagine for a moment a Windows advocate asking what is the list of
bugs in Windows that makes me, or you, run Linux? Can't those bugs in
Windows simply be identified and fixed and then we can all happily use
Windows already and stop this Linux nonsense for good?

I imagine, hopefully, that such a question is clearly ludicrous and
obviously completely misses the point? I don't use Windows due to it
having this or that bug! I don't use it because everything about it is
dissonant with how my mind works. Like nails on chalkboard.

UNIX, in any of its forms including Linux, is pure harmony though. I
can't imagine I'm alone, isn't that why we're all here?

Design philosophy matters, more than anything else really.

debian has been my go-to distro personally and professionally for
about 15 years now, because it is awesome. I want to spend another 15+
years together. But if systemd is allowed to take over I'll have to
move on. It'll be a very sad day, but just like I can't sanely use
Windows, systemd is out of the question for the exact same reasons.

Jyri J. Virkki - Santa Cruz, CA


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