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Re: Perfect Jessie is something like this...

For the purpose of education not to fan silly semantic pedantics.

On 02/11/14 05:24, Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Second, we're not talking about vaguely "unixy" - we're talking about a
> well developed philosophy of designing things that dates back to Ken
> Thompson, et. al (c.f., "The UNIX Programming Environment,"or
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy).

I keep wondering if that's a cause of confusion.

Why does the Linux kernel, GNU, and the rest of userland *have* to be
done "the UNIX" way??

I keep hearing this assertion, but neither Linus Torvalds, or RMS /seem/
to support it's requirement.
Could you expand on why this is a requirement from the people that
produce's point of view??


Kind regards

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