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Re: Perfect Jessie is something like this...

Dne, 02. 11. 2014 11:44:47 je Jyri J. Virkki napisal(a):
I imagine, hopefully, that such a question is clearly ludicrous and
obviously completely misses the point? I don't use Windows due to it
having this or that bug! I don't use it because everything about it is
dissonant with how my mind works. Like nails on chalkboard.


UNIX, in any of its forms including Linux, is pure harmony though. I
can't imagine I'm alone, isn't that why we're all here?

You are not alone. My reasons for migrating to Debian (just prior to Lenny becoming Stable), for example, were predominantly the DFSG and the Debian Social Contract. The "spirit" of the Debian distro more than its "technical merits". Technical merits came a very distant second, and were only considered in a very nebulous manner: I had been vaguely hearing about Debian being quite "stable" and "conservative" -- two epithets that appealed to me, as I:
1) am not particularly fond of my computer crashing too frequently, and
2) don't like my OS to permanently and headlessly chase the newest fad; it's what repels me in Ubuntu and other "glossy" distros, and what also ultimately made me leave Gnome3 as my desktop environment and migrate to the more "spartan" LXDE. As a side note: once systemd is put in place, such problem-less and swift migration between desktop environments is just one of the many "Good Things Linux" going down the drain...

debian has been my go-to distro personally and professionally for
about 15 years now, because it is awesome. I want to spend another 15+
years together. But if systemd is allowed to take over I'll have to
move on. It'll be a very sad day, but just like I can't sanely use
Windows, systemd is out of the question for the exact same reasons.

It will be a very sad day for me too. Let's just hope Wheezy gets LTS so we can postpone that gloomy parting for a couple years at least :(

Kinda regards,
my beast washes

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