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Re: Perfect Jessie is something like this...

On 02/11/14 13:14, Frank McCormick wrote:
> On 11/01/2014 10:00 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 02/11/14 12:19, Frank McCormick wrote:
>>> On 11/01/2014 08:58 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>>>> For the purpose of education not to fan silly semantic pedantics.
>>>> On 02/11/14 05:24, Miles Fidelman wrote: <snipped>
>>>>>> Second, we're not talking about vaguely "unixy" - we're talking
>>>>>> about a well developed philosophy of designing things that
>>>>>> dates back to Ken Thompson, et. al (c.f., "The UNIX Programming
>>>>>> Environment,"or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy).
>>>> I keep wondering if that's a cause of confusion.
>>>> Why does the Linux kernel, GNU, and the rest of userland*have*  to
>>>> be done "the UNIX" way??
>>>> I keep hearing this assertion, but neither Linus Torvalds, or
>>>> RMS/seem/ to support it's requirement. Could you expand on why this
>>>> is a requirement from the people that produce's point of view??
>>> In this interview he makes it clear he does not think the entire
>>> Linux system has to be done "the UNIX way".
>> *Which does not answer my question.*
>> I'm well aware that neither RMS or Linus do not advocate that "Linux,
>> kerenel and userland" are UNIX, not have to be "the UNIX way".
>> I'm asking why people keep insisting that systemd is bad
>> *because it's not the UNIX way*.
>> It sounds like a strawman - but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and
>> asking for clarification.
>> I'm uncertain of your intention/comprehension of the question Frank -
>> but your response is not an answer to my question.
>   I know exactly what your are saying.
>   At any rate your disagreement is with Miles....

Disagreement? Not the word I'd use.

Confused? Puzzled?

Certainly "seeking clarification".

> I simply posted the
> link to make it clear Linus does NOT feel the UNIX way is a requirement
> for Linux software, because of your use of the word "seem".

Thanks Frank. Yes - the word "seem" was deliberate. (and I've never been
able to find any evidence of Debian, RMS, or Linux declaring "Linux
kernel/userland" 'needing' to be UNIX philosophy compliant.

However proving a negative can be difficult, and I'm trying to be
open-minded (without going to the extreme of allowing my brains to fallout).

Kind regards

"Turns out you can't back a winner in the Gish Gallop" ~ disappointed punter

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