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Re: FWIW: the modularization of systemd

Miles Fidelman wrote at 2014-07-22 08:25 -0500:
> Meanwhile, it sure looks like the OpenSolaris spawn (Illumos,
> OpenIndiana, Nexanta, SmartOS, ... ) are gathering steam as a
> serious third alternative to Linux and the BSDs.  And with enough
> mid-sized commercial players that we don't have a situation where
> one company can force something down everybody's throats.
> Gotta say, as soon as there's a Xen Dom0 for either FreeBSD or
> Illumos, I'll seriously look at moving.

I have been looking at NetBSD, it supports Xen dom0.  Like you, I wish
for a solid, slim core system with adequate virtualization support to
run Linux if necessary.  I have also been looking at microkernels for
some time now, Minix has some fascinating reliability features[1][2]
built in and plans for more.

[1]: http://www.minix3.org/other/reliability.html
[2]: http://www.minix3.org/docs/jorrit-herder/osr-jul06.pdf

It is ironic that a major argument against microkernels is reduced
performance from context switching.  But the monolithic Linux kernel
(now with systemd) has become unmanageably large so now we consider
virtualization, on top of a slimmer core, with its own consequent
performance loss, for the sake of reliability.

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