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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On Sun 20 Jul 2014 at 16:49:14 +0200, Erwan David wrote:

> Now that systemd is presented as being compulsory it is natural that

>From a little earlier in this subthread:


Nothing about "compulsory" there.

> developers use it. The biggest mistake was to accept to impose systemd
> only because gnome3 developpers chose to depend on it.

Apart from the fact that the default init system wasn't chosen to suit
the GNOME developers, why did that project see logind as required? Here
we are:

   Note that we relied on ConsoleKit for a long time, so these
   simple answers from dgm which suggest that we don't need it
   is totally ignoring that we used to depend on ConsoleKit
   already. The only replacement for ConsoleKit is logind.


   We depended on ConsoleKit. The *ONLY* replacement is logind.
   What concrete suggestion do you have?


   Discussion seems pointless. Anytime concerns are raised the
   answer is to question why we want that functionality and that
   we're the ones "causing problems". I'd expect it to be
   constructive, how to make it possible to fulfill ouri

   It's cool that someone wants choice, multiple init systems,
   multiple kernels and what not. Now they should also do the work
   to make that happen. The result: Silence and non answers? Thought
   so! Easy to make statements, easy to ignore questions, difficult
   to acknowledge what you're asking for. Huge amount of work NOBODY

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