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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On Vi, 18 iul 14, 21:32:10, Tom Furie wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 05:44:37PM +0100, Brian wrote:
> > I have no testing install to hand at the moment so perhaps you could
> > list these packages for us. Please indicate the ones for which there is
> > no "real need".
> Here is a fairly naive list of packages which have a hard dependency on
> packages which have a hard dependency on systemd. The items beginning at
> column one are the packages which depend on systemd, the items indented
> beneath "Reverse Depends:" are the packages which depend on that
> package. By "hard dependency" I have excluded packages that only make a
> recommendation/suggestion or offer an alternative. I have also removed
> anything that is systemd-specific.
> There are a few items that make me wonder what the next level of the
> tree would look like, but I think that would be a bit unwieldy for the
> list so haven't checked.
> libpam-systemd
>   Reverse Depends:
>     udisks2
>     policykit-1
>     network-manager
>     lightdm
>     gnome-bluetooth
>     gdm3

These are all quite obvious: libpam-systemd is necessary for them to 
interact with systemd-logind, which is part of the systemd package. The 
alternative (ConsoleKit) is unmaintained and nobody has stepped up to 
pick up its maintenance.

systemd-shim is also falling behind, the package in sid already dropped 
it as alternative to systemd-sysv. In practice this means that using any 
of the above in sid (and soon also testing) requires booting with 
systemd, unless somebody provides an alternative.

To anybody wanting a systemd-free Debian, this is The Opportunity to 
step up and provide an alternative.
> sogo

False positive
    Depends: tmpreaper | systemd

> lighttpd

False positive
    Depends: lsb-base | systemd

> gnome-settings-daemon
>   Reverse Depends:
>     gnome-core
>     indicator-session
>     gnome-shell
>     gnome-session
>     gnome-power-manager
>     gnome-session-flashback
>     gnome-packagekit-session
>     gnome-music
>     gnome-control-center
>     gdm3

I'm guessing gnome-settings-daemon can be used to configure systemd. It 
might be possible to demote this to a Recommends, assuming somebody is 
willing to make sure it *continues* to work correctly without systemd 

However, since Gnome more or less depends on systemd anyway there's 
probably little incentive for anyone to work on this. Also, I'm quite 
positive most Gnome users won't be bothered by the systemd dependency 

Kind regards,
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