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Re: Pin package to "any version, don't remove"?

On Du, 20 iul 14, 08:13:30, The Wanderer wrote:
> What I was aiming at with the version-number wildcard is to let a single
> pinning stanza work repeatedly, for different fglrx-driver versions,
> without need for manual intervention.

Right. I just thought of an entirely different approach: use equivs to 
create a meta-package with something like:

Package: my-dont-ever-remove-packages
Depends: fglrx-driver, etc.
Priority: required

or if that doesn't work replace the Priority with

Essential: yes

> > // tweak Aptitude to not suggest removals as first option 
> > Aptitude::ProblemResolver::SolutionCost "removals";
> I use apt-get, not aptitude, and I don't know whether it has a similar
> option. I've never seen a comprehensive-seeming, but still readable,
> listing of these apt-related config options.
> (However, one of the most major reasons I don't use aptitude is because
> of its penchant for suggesting removals - including, often, of the very
> package(s) I requested to install/upgrade - as its first priority. It's
> not impossible that this configuration tweak might mitigate that problem
> to some considerable extent.)

That's what I use it for (the tweak that is) ;)
Kind regards,
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