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Re: Pin package to "any version, don't remove"?

On Sb, 19 iul 14, 21:58:13, The Wanderer wrote:
> Is there a way to tell apt to calculate its dependency resolution so as
> to avoid removing a particular package, without limiting that package to
> a particular version?

This is an interesting problem. I'd try pinning the installed version to 
the same priority as your "highest" release (500 by default). Assuming 
you have sid without any special pinning this should look like:

Package: fglrx-driver
Pin: version 1:14.4.2-1
Pin-Priority: 500
Explanation: don't remove

Note: I'd probably have the same problem with nvidia-driver, but my 
aptitude is not suggesting removals as first option anymore due to:

// tweak Aptitude to not suggest removals as first option
Aptitude::ProblemResolver::SolutionCost "removals";

Hope this helps,
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