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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On Sb, 19 iul 14, 12:59:46, Sven Joachim wrote:
> Now, why did Debian not switch
> to upstart back then?  There are likely several reasons for this, and
> answering that question will be an interesting case study.  The one
> thing that put *me* off from giving upstart a try is the conflict with
> sysvinit, FWIW.

+1 on this. Being able to just install the package and boot with 
init=/bin/systemd probably had a major contribution to the higher 
adoption of systemd vs. upstart in Debian. It's not that I wouldn't 
trust myself in being able to fix the system, I'm just too lazy. 

That's probably also the reason why some nouveau bug is still waiting 
for more info from my side (sorry Sven). Having to purge nvidia and 
change xorg.conf every time I want to test nouveau is a major pain for 
me :(

Kind regards,
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