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Re: mutt can't send mail (Interrupted system call)

Tony Baldwin wrote:
> What else can I do to diagnose this issue and/or, of course, resolve it?

I think this must be something other than mutt.  In your description
you didn't mention how you were sending email and therefore I know you
weren't looking at that part of things.  I suspect it is in the MTA
side of things.

Normally (and I say normally in the traditional sense knowing that
many people do things differently now) the MUA (mail user agent).  The
MUA is mutt, mailx, pine, or other.  Those MUAs send the message to
/usr/sbin/sendmail.  The /usr/sbin/sendmail binary is one of Postfix,
Exim, Sendmail or other MTA (mail transfer agent).  The MTA delivers
the message to the next hop in the route to the destination.  The next
hop is usually controlled by MX DNS records.

Of course these days many people are using IMAP to read messages and
often using SMTP on the submission port with SASL or various for
sending mail.  Hard to say what you are using.

If you have not customized it then you are using /usr/sbin/sendmail
and the message is handed off to your system MTA for delivery.  If so
then the system MTA will log all of these actions to the system log.
Please look in /var/log/mail.log (Postfix logs there) or possibly
other location and see what it says.  I forget where Exim logs to and
exim4 is the default MTA unless you select another.  A common thing
for me to do is to run "tail -f /var/log/mail.log" in one terminal
window while sending mail in another terminal window.

Run "mailq" and see what mailq says.  If the message is undeliverable
but still in the queue the reason will be shown there.  Most messages
will queue for five days (configurable, maximal_queue_lifetime = 5d
for postfix) until it times out.  At that point it will generate a
bounce message back to the sender.

A side note but a useful SMTP debug tool is "swaks".  It will show the
SMTP handshake and is a useful debug tool.


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