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Re: Suspend button greyed out on Xfce on Sid

* On 2014 17 Jul 18:58 -0500, José Silva wrote:

> I noticed the same but another upgrade today cured the problem.

Before doing an upgrade a few minutes ago, the notification popped up
the following message after the laptop came out of suspend and I looged
back into the desktop from XScreensaver:

	Power Manager

	Method "Suspend" with signature "" on
	interface "org.freedesktop.UPower" doesn't

I see now that the xfce4-power-manager and xfce4-power-manager-data
packages are being upgraded to version 1.2.0-5 with the following in the
Debian Changelog:

	* Add patch to support upower 0.99. Closes #752428
	* Bump upower depend to >= 0.99

After an udate to the latest Xfce power manager packages, Suspend is
back but now it doesn't seem to suspend when closing the lid while
running on battery nor does it lock the screen when closing the lid on
AC power.  I verified my preferences in the Xfce Power Manager dialog.
Hmmm, well, I guess you can't have everything!

At least these are steps in the right direction.

- Nate


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