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Re: mutt can't send mail (Interrupted system call)

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 08:52:15PM -0600, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Tony Baldwin wrote:
> > What else can I do to diagnose this issue and/or, of course, resolve it?
> I think this must be something other than mutt.  In your description
> you didn't mention how you were sending email and therefore I know you
> weren't looking at that part of things.  I suspect it is in the MTA
> side of things.
> Of course these days many people are using IMAP to read messages and
> often using SMTP on the submission port with SASL or various for
> sending mail.  Hard to say what you are using.

Well I know almost nothing about gmx's SMTP server, other than the
requisite knowledge to send mail through it from a MUA, which I can do
from icedove and mutt (but not mutt here, currently. Can with mutt on
my remote server).
My remote server (myownsite.me, from which I am sending this mail)
has postfix and dovecot, but clearly, the problem is on my local machine
(and affecting mutt, but not icedove).

> If you have not customized it then you are using /usr/sbin/sendmail
> and the message is handed off to your system MTA for delivery.  If so
> then the system MTA will log all of these actions to the system log.
> Please look in /var/log/mail.log (Postfix logs there) or possibly
> other location and see what it says.  I forget where Exim logs to and
> exim4 is the default MTA unless you select another.  A common thing
> for me to do is to run "tail -f /var/log/mail.log" in one terminal
> window while sending mail in another terminal window.

yes, not customized, exim4 installed, so I assume that's sending the

> Run "mailq" and see what mailq says.  

If I run that as a regular user, I just get
exim: permission denied.
If I run it as root, no message appears. I don't know what, if anything,
it is doing in that case.

> If the message is undeliverable
> but still in the queue the reason will be shown there.  Most messages
> will queue for five days (configurable, maximal_queue_lifetime = 5d
> for postfix) until it times out.  At that point it will generate a
> bounce message back to the sender.
> A side note but a useful SMTP debug tool is "swaks".  It will show the
> SMTP handshake and is a useful debug tool.
> Bob

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