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Re: mutt can't send mail (Interrupted system call)

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 11:41:20PM +0200, Anthony Baldwin wrote:
> Hi,
> I am unable to send mail with mutt from my home desktop, either through
> one of my own domains (this one, myownsite.me), or through gmx.com's SMTP
> server.
> Furthermore, I can send through both with mutt when I login into the
> myownsite server (hosted in Germany by contabo.com) just fine.
> So, I have determined that the problem must be with mutt, here, not with
> either SMTP server.
> I can receive mail just fine from both servers on either machine.
> I did some searching (duckgoing, ixquicking, etc.), and all I could come
> up with was to clear the header cache and check the rc files.
> Well, I vimdiffed the rc files from the remote server and here, and there
> were absolutely no difference (indeed, I did not expect there to be any,
> since I scp-ed them from here to there and haven't altered them since),
> and I deleted the header cache here, and still no joy.
> I can not send mail with mutt from home (sending this with squirrelmail on
> the remote server in my browser, at the moment).
> What else can I do to diagnose this issue and/or, of course, resolve it?

Oh, I should probably have mentioned that both machines, the home
desktop and the remote server, are running Wheezy, both updated about a
week ago. Mutt seems to have stopped sending shortly after this last

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