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Suspend button greyed out on Xfce on Sid

I did another "upgrade" a couple of days ago and now Xfce has no idea
that power management exists.  This is manifested by the logout dialog
not having options for suspend and hibernate in it any more and the
custom session buttons on my taskbar which have Logout, Lock, Suspend,
Reboot, and Shutdown buttons as the Suspend button greyed out.  Looking
in the Xfce Power Management settings dialog no options exist now for
suspend or hibernate on any of the tabs.

I am running Sid on a Thinkpad T410 with systemd and lightdm.  The
hardware suspend (Fn-F4) does work.  My Google fu turned up some old bug
reports, but I'm not certain if this is a new issue or related to those
already listed.

While this may be related to systemd and components, there is no reason
to turn this into a flame war, again.

- Nate


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