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Steve Litt wrote:
> Thierry de Coulon wrote:
> > I would not call a 256 BG SSd "small" - the biggest I own is 60GB,
> > and all the system runs on it (on a laptop).
> You're not going to save much money going below 256GB. I think below
> 128GB, the law of diminishing returns makes it useless to go any
> smaller.

I completely agree.  Find where the price performance break is best
and buy there.

Humorously a while ago I ordered a cheap 60G SSD drive from a well
known vendor and they included a 30G SSD free in my order too.  I
assume they had a lot of 30G SSDs that they could not sell and didn't
want the inventory and started giving them away to people.  A nice win
for me since I actually did have a good use for it.  Tells me that 30G
has already fallen off the bottom.  I expect 60G to be soon
following.  Maybe I will buy a 120G and get a 60G free soon?  Hope so! :-)


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