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Re: Clone GPT partition table - with Lenny ?

On Sun, 06 Jul 2014 22:35:03 +0100
Ron Leach <ronleach@tesco.net> wrote:

> Bzzzz, many thanks for thinking about this,

Call me mâââsteeelll and bend over Igolll,
so I can pet your hump *<;-) 

Apparently, this is very easy:

But once again, if your disk0 partition is N bytes (MB|GB|TB)
and your disk1 partition is N+X bytes, RAID will manage
and will only use N bytes from disk1 partition.

I insist on that because you have good chances your
new HD is (internally) very different from the original,
and you might have problems with partition(s) not ending
on a cylinder boundary.

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