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Re: simple database solution without root access

> I looked at mysql (http://zetcode.com/databases/mysqltutorial/), but there
> the configuration seems to focus on having a central database that could be
> shared across different users. This does not work for me for three reasons:

Are you aware of SQLite?

I am still exploring all the suggestions given by others. But SQLite looks very promising. There is a Perl DBI Interface to SQLite which might be what I am after.

> 2) I want the data to be in text format. Since some times, I do
> sed/grep/awk the data myself. Also, this helps me to edit the data file
> directly using editors such as vim.

If you are already sed/grep/awk then stop at awk.  :-)

Seriously though what do you want to do that can't be done easily with awk?

I do use awk and have some one-liners based on that. But the problem comes when you have to delete/insert a new column into existing data.

If you delete, say field_5 column, you have to change the index in awk scripts for all the subsequent fields. I thought a better approach might be to refer to the columns by their header names, so I thought a database might be appropriate.


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