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simple database solution without root access

I have some data in text format organized as follows


I want to do database (sql) like operations on this data. For example,
        - I want to find all the entries that have a particular value in field_2 and then use the hits to sum up the values in field_8
        - I want to find all the entries that have a particular value in field_2 and filed_7
        - If the values in the first column are dates, I want to find all the entries in field1 that are in a given date range
These are just a few examples... and the actual operations can be more complex.

The data is used only by myself. I will be the only person updating/deleting the entries.

Is there a simple way to achieve what I am after?

I looked at mysql (http://zetcode.com/databases/mysqltutorial/), but there the configuration seems to focus on having a central database that could be shared across different users. This does not work for me for three reasons:

1) I want the data to be stored in my home directory. So, I can backup the data as I please.
2) I want the data to be in text format. Since some times, I do sed/grep/awk the data myself. Also, this helps me to edit the data file directly using editors such as vim.
3) I do not have root access and am trying to avoid compiling large software applications.

Any ideas, pointers to existing code (perl scripts?) are much appreciated.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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