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Re: [SOLVED] Windows and UTC system time (was: no subject)

On 7/6/14, Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
> Nelson Green wrote:
>> Bob Proulx wrote:
>> > But...  Read the man page for rcS and then edit /etc/adjtime and set
>> > LOCAL there.
>> >
>> >   man rcS
>> Boy do I feel dumb. I didn't even realize there was a man page for
>> rcS.  Thanks for pointing that out (I really did start with man).
> No worries.  The fact that it is documented in rcS is historical at
> this point.  It always used to be set in the /etc/default/rcS file.
> But in recent times they moved it to /etc/adjtime instead.
> However as far as I know there isn't a man page for adjtime.

apt-get install manpages-dev
man adjtime adjtimex

It's not a cmd man page, but something nonetheless...

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