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Re: [SOLVED] Windows and UTC system time (was: no subject)

Nelson Green wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > But...  Read the man page for rcS and then edit /etc/adjtime and set
> > LOCAL there.
> >
> >   man rcS
> Boy do I feel dumb. I didn't even realize there was a man page for
> rcS.  Thanks for pointing that out (I really did start with man).

No worries.  The fact that it is documented in rcS is historical at
this point.  It always used to be set in the /etc/default/rcS file.
But in recent times they moved it to /etc/adjtime instead.  However as
far as I know there isn't a man page for adjtime.  So while historical
that is the only place that I know it to be documented.

Oh!  I guess it is documented in hwclock(8).  So if I had really been
on the ball I would have suggested that instead.  But I will back fill
that now.

  man 8 hwclock

That would have been better of me! :-)

> Yes, this is exactly what I needed. I will deal with DST when that
> need arises, but I'm hopeful that we can be done with windows by
> then.

Even better!


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