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Re: Windows and UTC system time (was: no subject)

Nelson Green wrote:
> Thanks Thierry, but I am afraid I have to leave the windows
> installation alone.  Fortunately I rarely have to mess with windows,
> and as a general rule I don't lower my standards to theirs, but in
> this case I have no choice, at least until we can eliminate windows
> from the equation completely.

In that case you can tell Debian that the hardware clock is in local
time.  It doesn't solve the problem because twice a year when DST
comes and goes what usually happens is that Windows resets the clock
and therefore it gets set forward and back twice.  But in between
those days it works to coexist with Windows local time view.

But...  Read the man page for rcS and then edit /etc/adjtime and set
LOCAL there.

  man rcS

  editor /etc/adjtime
  ... change UTC to LOCAL ...


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