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Re: Chown Foibles

Sven Joachim wrote:
> David Baron wrote:
> > Any attempt to chown -R thisuser:thisuser /home/thisuser/.*

Gack!  :-(

> > For example,to reset permissions of hidden items, will change ALL
> > users' home folders, everything. Actually, on the surface, this
> > might seem correct behavior because of the '.' This is, of course,
> > a catastrophe. Their kde, etc, is unusable.

Yes.  Like a sharp kitchen knife it is possible to cut a finger while
chopping the vegetables.

> Yes, that's a (dubious) feature required by POSIX.

Anything else would be worst though.  The '*' matches any character.
Since '.' is a character then ".*" matches "..".  Avoiding that would
be writing a very special case.  '*' matches any character except if
the result of the entire match results in ".."?  Please no special
cases resulting in a complicated rule like that.

> > How can I do this?
> Use ".[!.]*" instead of ".*".  Or use zsh which will skip current and
> parent directory when expanding ".*" .

That works and is probably the simplest.

As a historical note the old, old, old way was to know that '?' does
not match a '.'  character.  Therefore ".??*" would match all hidden
files that are longer than a single character.  Since there aren't
usually single character hidden files that usually works.  And the
remaining can be fixed up.

But I question why the dot files need to be selected individually?
Just change the entire home directory.

  chown -R thisuser:thisuser /home/thisuser

No need to go looking further at that point.

Anything more complicated and I would use 'find' which has ever
possible file finding operation built in.


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