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Good afternoon,

This morning I had the mis-fortune of creating a dual-boot system with Debian on
a machine that already had windows installed on. I installed a second hard
drive, installed Debian, and almost everything works. But I apparently told the
installer that the system clock is set to UTC, when it is not (because windows
has no real concept of time).

So when I boot to windows the displayed time is the actual local time, but when
I boot into Debian the displayed time is four hours behind local time. If I do a
date -u the time that is displayed is the correct local time.

I have modified /etc/adjtime and removed the UTC line, but every time I boot up
Debian the line re-appears, and the displayed time is still four hours behind.
So how do I tell the Debian system that the hardware clock is set to local time
in an effort to compensate for the lessor system's inability to correctly manage


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