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Re: [OFF-TOPIC technically, but relevant to this group]

On 6/8/2014 5:48 PM, Joe wrote:
> On Sun, 8 Jun 2014 21:45:40 +0100
> Terence <terence.john@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I think this whole thing has gone too far. The response to this
>> trolling cretin has led to a fragmentation wholly unlike the tenor of
>> our normal Debian lists,
>> and, I regret to see, list members whom I hold in general high regard
>> being attacked after their initial attempts to help or intervene.
>> I do not know if anyone could untangle the interlocking and overlaid
>> posts around one person's troll aggression, and it certainly would
>> not repay even five minutes effort to do so.
>> Over many years on this and other non-Debian lists, I think I
>> perceive a pattern: the first signs of a troll are often given by
>> their lack of willingness to find out for themselves, an
>> unwillingness to understand the help and advice freely given, their
>> failure to comprehend that list support has a cost, and, not least,
>> their swift recourse to abuse and excuse.
> Apart from the last, of course, it is not always easy to distinguish a
> troll from a respectable newcomer who has learned other ways. Many
> people arrive here from Windows via Ubuntu.

I agree completely, Joe.  Just because someone doesn't indicate they
searched for the answer before coming here isn't a red flag in my book.
 It could be as simple as they did search but didn't mention it, or it
could be as complicated as they wanted to, but had no idea what to
search for.  And believe it or not, there still are people out there who
don't know how to use a search engine effectively.

Either way, I'm willing to try to help where I can.  Over the years,
I've found that often it's good to provide the answer.  But other times
(especially with very basic questions) it's more helpful to them to show
them where they can find the answer.  That way they know where to look
when they have a similar question.

Of course it doesn't work with everyone.  Some people want to be spoon
fed every little bite.

> Occasionally a search leads me to one web forum or other for Another
> OS, where a certain amount of aggression seems to be almost necessary to
> survive. Someone used to that environment may react to criticism more
> actively than they might otherwise have done.

That is also possible.


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