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Re: Should I install chkrootkit?

On Fri, 2014-06-06 at 21:38 +1200, Richard Hector wrote:
> On 06/06/14 05:22, Bob Holtzman wrote:
> >> Why should I subscribe to "d-community-offtopic"? Isn't
> >> chkrootkit a Debian package?
> > 
> > No, it's a linux package. Debian in merely one of the distros that 
> > carries it in their repos.
> Um, no. chkrootkit is a tool that will work on GNU/Linux and other
> Unix-like systems.
> The ckhrootkit package in Debian is a Debian package.
> I think it's entirely reasonable to discuss its use in Debian on this
> list.

It is, but Horatio mentioned Ubuntu ;). I like Horatio, no bad feelings
here, but I agree that Horatio needs to learn, how to inform himself.
Self-responsibility is mandatory when using *nix, so it's better to
introduce Linux to him at the OT mailing list.

2 Cents,

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