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Re: Post-installation: how to auto-configure network adapter (ie. enable internet access)?

On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 11:31 AM, Horatio Leragon <hleragon@yahoo.com> wrote:
> From: Tom H <tomh0665@gmail.com>
> Sent: Friday, June 6, 2014 6:39 PM

>> This script'll remove linux-image-generic and the kernel will no longer be
>> upgraded automatically.
> What do you mean by "kernel will no longer be upgraded automatically"?
> What's your definition of "automatically"?

My definition of "automatically" is that the kernel will be upgraded
when you upgrade your system with apt. If you don't have the
"linux-image-amd64" metapackage on Debian (or the equivalent for
another architecture) or the "linux-image-generic" metapackage on
Ubuntu, this will not happen.

>> And if your box has Secure Boot (even disabled), the corresponding
>> linux-signed-* packages will be installed and won't be purged.
> I don't understand what you meant by "the corresponding linux-signed-*
> packages will be installed and won't be purged"? (After I run that command,
> I type $sudo apt-get autoremove and $aptitude search '~c' and $sudo aptitude
> purge '~c'. In my case, I manage to remove about 180MB of unwanted
> software.)

("apt-get --purge autoremove" englobes all thress commands.)

What makes yuo think that linux-signed-* will be uninstalled if you
run these commands.

Feel free to use Google to find out what the Ubuntu linux-signed-* packages are.

> Can you provide a command for me to try out your assumption?

At hte moment, I only have access to a Debian unstable VM with just
one kernel installed so I can can't run this usefully on Debian but on
my Ubuntu 14.04 laptop:

# dpkg --list 'linux-image-*' | perl -ane 'BEGIN { $r = `uname -r` or
die ; chomp $r } print $F[1], "\n" if $F[0] eq "ii" && $F[1] !~

> I have tried the command
> dpkg --list 'linux-image-*' \
>     | perl -ane 'BEGIN { $r = `uname -r` or die; chomp $r } print $F[1],
> "\n" if $F[0] eq "ii" && $F[1] !~ /\Q$r\E\b/' \
>     | xargs -r aptitude purge -y
> without problems and it was posted on a very popular forum frequented by
> Linux experts in the world wide web. If Linux experts had issues with it,
> they would have highlighted it several moons ago.

There's a lot of crap on the net, like the link that you posted previously.

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