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Re: Sawfish and Openbox: was fastest linux distro

Brian wrote:
> The fact though is that most users do not avoid startx or a
> DM. Anyone who uses xinit has gone to some trouble to avoid either
> of these two ways of getting X running. You would expect them to
> know what they are doing.

But people using xinit have not gone to any trouble to avoid other
methods.  They just haven't installed xdm or another X display manager
such as lightdm or other.  Not installing something is not going to
any trouble.  However I know that installing them is so easy that it
isn't any trouble either way.  It is just a configuration decision and
choice.  After the GNOME gdm/gdm3 fiasco I stopped using those and
just log in the old way and start X the old way with xinit again now.
Which means I am using .xinitrc file again just like we all did before
xdm came along.  But in my .xinitrc I load up the .Xresources file so
do not use .Xdefaults.

I agree that anyone using xinit and .xinitrc will probably know what
they are doing.  :-)

> Those who use startx etc have some expectation of being provided with
> uncomplicated correct information.

The 'startx' is basically the "simple" way to start X and to use the
system supplied defaults.  Which is a good way to get things going for
the new person who doesn't know what they want or who are happy with
the defaults.  It isn't required though and after making a few
customizations I find it easier to just use 'xinit' directly and my
own full .xinitrc file with only my own choices made there.  (shrug)

> Being told to use ~/.Xdefaults isn't in that category. The sooner
> any mention of it or .xinitrc in Debian is stamped out the better.

I think use of .Xdefaults isn't as good as .Xresources.  But there
isn't anything wrong with .xinitrc.  What is your complaint about it?

> This has been going on for at least 10 years. If only the ~/.Xdefaults
> advocates would say why and how they use it - but they never do. X is
> versatile but nobody is going to go wrong by using ~/.Xresources.

I can only guess that they think it is simpler than using xrdb and an
.Xresources file.  But since xrdb and .Xresources were invented to
solve the problem of having $DISPLAY properties instead of $HOME
properties I have moved on from .Xdefaults to xrdb and .Xresources to
solve that problem.

> > I recommend using .Xresources loaded into the xrdb at start time.  It
> > makes the most general sense to me.  That way customizations are a
> > property of your $DISPLAY and not a property of your $HOME.  But
> > either works if you understand the search and merge order.
> I think we are singing from the same hymn book but we are on different
> pages. :)



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