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Re: Sawfish and Openbox: was fastest linux distro

On Mon 02 Jun 2014 at 16:27:22 +0200, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

> On 2014-06-02 14:11:03 +0100, Brian wrote:
> > I looked in the place that startx and the DMs look with a default
> > install of X. Which is not to deny your valid point. However. a user
> > would have to put in the extra effort to use .Xdefaults-<hostname> or,
> > if they know it is possible, a .Xresources directory. I'm of the opinion
> > that for most use cases mentioning .Xdefaults causes confusion at the
> > very least.
> There's no extra effort to use .Xdefaults-<hostname>: it's hardcoded
> in libX11.

Fair enough. Now, if only users were advised to use .Xdefaults-<hostname>
or .Xresources. Instead the choice is always .Xdefaults or .Xresources.
As I think we are agreed, one of these doesn't work. Ok, it can be made
to work; for example I've seen linking .Xresources and .Xdefaults as a
solution but have never quite grasped why .Xresource by itself is

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