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Re: libc-bin, libc-bin-amd64 conflict

On Vi, 25 apr 14, 17:29:13, Gary Roach wrote:
> When running Aptitude,  a red bar in the bottom half of the screen 
> says
> "Unable to resolve dependencies". If I hit "g" after I update package list
> and  Mark Upgradable, the top of the screen lists:
>     iB      libc-bin
>     pBA   libc-bin:amd64
> The red box in the center of the screen says: No solution to these
> descrepency problems exists!
> At this point Aptitude is essentially frozen.
> Attempts to run dpkg produce:
>     root# dpkg -i libc-bin
>     dpkg: error processing libc-bin (--install): cannot access archive: No
> such file or directory
>     Errors were encountered while processing: libc-bin

This can't work, because 'dpkg -i' needs files (not package names). 
Please provide the output of:

dpkg --print-architecture
dpkg --print-foreign-architectures
apt-cache policy
apt-cache policy libc-bin
aptitude --simulate safe-upgrade
aptitude --simulate full-upgrade

I'm assuming your package lists are updated, otherwise please run 
'aptitude update' (or press 'u' in interactive mode) first.

Kind regards,
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