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Re: Mobile Broadband with Btooth

On 26/04/2014 10:30, Gábor Hársfalvi wrote:
I have installed all bluetooth packages - bluez and the others - it works
with the phone succesfully when I send/receive files.

So I think bluethooth works almost fully.

I'm not sure that's true. In the past (with Fedora, actually) I found that while 'file transfer services' worked out of the box, the 'use as a modem' did not, and required some specific configuration. (Note, this may have changed with current versions.)

But I suggest you search for posts about 'using phone as modem over bluetooth' or some such.

Additionally, there are two possible modes, I think.

One is to use the phone as a modem, letting the computer control connection/disconnection to the 3G packet data service. I found this easier to set up, using a dialler at the command line.

The other is to let the phone be 'always on', set up by hand, maybe, and use bluetooth's PAN service to make the connection. There are certainly many posts about this second method (using various distributions).

In Debian network manager I set all the options of Mobile Broadband.

But when I try connecting - network manager always disconnect.

And I found in the logs:

"modem-manager: Got failure code 3: Operation not allowed"

Well. That's what made me think the 'modem' service may not have been negotiated between the computer and phone.

and "Error connecting with bluez: Port already in use"

Though this didn't seem to be consistent with my suggestion. So searching for this error text might be fruitful.

regards, Ron

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