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Re: Personal Recommendations for Free List Compatible Email Service

On Fri, 2014-04-25 at 11:43 +0100, Brad Rogers wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Apr 2014 02:03:44 -0500
> Stan Hoeppner <stan@hardwarefreak.com> wrote:
> Hello Stan,
> >I made a simple common sense observation that applies to anyone using a
> Some people (me for one) have over 100 mailing list subscriptions.
> Using an ISP provided email address to run that lot is asinine.
> >One can change a list mail account willy nilly, and the only
> >notification required is changing the subscription address for each
> >list.  Thus, again, the concerns Patrick mentioned do not apply to a
> Like I said, that could be over 100 lists.  No mean feat, achieving
> the required transition of that many accounts to a new address without a
> certain amount of frustration, even if some of those accounts are run
> from the same server, and all relevant list addresses can be changed at
> once.  I'd have to make something like 70 changes of address for the 100
> or so lists I subscribe to.  I don't fancy that, hence using a non ISP
> account for list mail.
> I've no idea what number of lists Patrick is subbed to, but even if it's
> just this one, and he decides it's too much of a faff to change the
> subscription details every time he changes ISP, it's his choice.
> >Given your sniping remark and "dare", some predisposition you have
> >against me prevented you from applying the logic of your own signature.
> Just the sheer arrogance demonstrated by your position:  Stan's right,
> Patrick is wrong.
> Summing up, then:  Stating the blindingly obvious, which was not
> immediately apparent to you, it's Patrick's choice not yours.

Resume, it's piss that some of us experience issues when using mailing
lists. There are serious issues. I already pointed out that folks
subscribe to a mailman lists, should log in, to get aware about their
bounce scores.

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