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Re: Personal Recommendations for Free List Compatible Email Service

On 23/04/14 23:40, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 April 2014 14:24:25 Henning Follmann wrote:
>> This is also why I do not like gmail,
>> yahoo, fb so much. But everybody has to make his/her own decisions.
> Yes, but you have been very rude about those who make a decision which is 
> different from yours.  Those who disagree with you are not necessarily 
> suckers, they just disagree with you.  You choose to be paranoid.  That is 
> your prerogative.  But it is mine to be a "sucker" if I so choose, without 
> being called names.
> Lisi
Not just rude, ignorant. Righteously ignorant. A dangerous combination.
If you used NoScript and AdBlock you wouldn't see Google ads on the web
interface - even less if you used IMAP or POP3 instead of the web
Gmail users don't have to join Google+. And to lecture others about
privacy on a public mailing list....? The best way to guarantee public
privacy is to, um, post nothing - unless of course that's not your true

All business *must* do what? (make a profit).

So there is no such thing as "free" email. Either the company offering
it uses it to enhance the profit of other services - they make a profit
from it directly, the company (and your free email) won't operate for
very long, or the user is deluded.

That includes 'free email' with paid hosting. Hosting email (and free
messaging services) costs money. Somewhere, someone is making money.

Be more concerned about those that market "privacy" and hide their
income stream than those that provide lengthy, detailed lists of terms
and conditions that honestly expose their business model - and be even
more concerned about those that spruik the business of companies that
don't (fully and honestly expose the business model behind their "free
services") (the biggest of which is not Google).

I can think of several, now defunct, free email providers that sold
their customer information *after* they went out of business - that and
the NSA hacks of the UK Yahoo and Google servers should give reason to
be cautious about "free" email even when you do trust the providers - if
you want to trust your email provider you must become your own email
provider (or accept the fact that "privacy" is what you can reasonably
expect on private premises behind curtains - *off* the intertubes which
belong to others, not some little bubble that envelopes you and your
information everywhere).

There are dozens of free email providers - they all try and make money
from your usage, some are more honest than others.
There are millions of email users - most misinformed and (humanly) biased.

If one archer misses the target by 2cm and another by 2m, is one a
better shot, or, are they both worthless? Comparing the "privacy" of
"free" email providers is not dissimilar.

Currently it appears that privacy is becoming the new refuge of scoundrels.

Kind regards

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