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Re: Sudo Autoremove wanting to kill my system?

On Tuesday 22 April 2014 23:56:00 Tom Furie wrote:
> If there is a package on my systems which I know nobody uses it gets
> removed, simply because it doesn't need to be there. But then, I come
> from an age when every byte mattered and think if people were as frugal
> now as they were then our modern systems would perform even better than
> they already do.

Many of us come from that age.  But a) attempting to remove a desktop can mess 
up a system and b) I find it quite useful to have two desktops available.  
Then if one breaks I still have the other to sort out the mess if I want to 
see something in a GUI, or even to use a more friendly terminal for CLI work. 

Trying to save a few GB on a TB drive seems to me to be pointless.  When I 
first started driving I had to change down gear to get up a hill, and double 
declutch to get into first gear.  I don't therefore drive a modern car in the 
same fashion.

Writing a concise, elegant program is different again.  There is a 
satisfaction in elegance that is missing in prolixity.


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