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Re: Sudo Autoremove wanting to kill my system?

On Ma, 22 apr 14, 22:56:27, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 April 2014 19:24:17 c. marlow wrote:
> > I did a TOTAL REMOVE from synaptic of all lxde packages.
> This wouldn't have removed any dependencies, which is what autoremove was 
> trying to put right.
> I don't know Synaptic, but this seems to me a very odd way to remove a 
> desktop.  I would just Aptitude purge the desktop meta package if I 
> wanted to remove it.

Unfortunately this may not have the desired effect with at least Gnome, 
due to circular Depends/Recommends of the installed packages. Besides, 
recently[1] meta-packages have been getting special treatment, i.e. 
their dependencies get marked as manually installed, in order to prevent 
the old "I tried to remove a package and now my entire Desktop 
Environment was removed".

[1] I'm too lazy to check if this is already in stable or just testing.

I still don't understand why Developers insist on using Depends instead 
of Recommends for meta-packages.

> But I don't quite see why you wanted to remove it.  There is nothing 
> wrong with having 2 desktops available, unless you have a very small 
> hard drive.


Kind regards,
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