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Re: Sudo Autoremove wanting to kill my system?

On Ma, 22 apr 14, 23:56:00, Tom Furie wrote:
> Indeed. Anything that isn't core functionality should at most be a
> Recommends relation and much of what is in a meta-package could probably
> even be a Suggests relation.

Suggests are not installed by default, so their practical use is 
restricted to, well, suggestions :)
... except that since APT::AutoRemove::SuggestsImportant is
'true' :(

Since I was digging through apt's changelog I also found out the special 
handling of packages in section 'metapackages' is enabled since 
0.7.26~exp6 (squeeze already has This means the change is 
older than I thought, but on the other hand a package need not 
necessarily be in section 'metapackages'.

$ aptitude search ~smetapackages | wc -l

Of these I could spot a few that are actually transitional packages.

Kind regards,
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