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Re: Well I am in XFCE for right now since LDXE keeps crapping out

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 9:28 PM, Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 April 2014 05:51:33 c. marlow wrote:
>> Im so exhausted I just about give up on Linux, just about ready to
>> scrape up the money, go to walmart and buy me a Windows Machine.. In
>> the last week I have tried LMDE both made and cinnamon
> It is, of course, your decision.  If you prefer to use Windows, taht is up to
> you.  But I think taht you would get further in Linux if you didn't jump
> about so much.  You never give any problem time to get solved, and you mix
> the different things up all the time.  Jumping from one solution/problem to
> another doesn't really get you anywhere.  (As you see. ;-)  )

Succeeding with a closed OS means fitting yourself in with what that
OS provides. The publishers have made certain assumptions about their
users, and if you fit those assumptions, everything'll work fine - but
if you don't, you'll find yourself up against problems that are
fundamentally unsolvable. (Or maybe just legally unsolvable. Sometimes
you can jailbreak a phone and fix some of that. But at that point,
you're no longer using the provided OS.)

Succeeding with an open system means being willing to "Let It Go" and
not be afraid to break stuff. If you haven't seen Disney's "Frozen",
go look for that song on Youtube or similar and watch it... it's all
about Queen Elsa overcoming her guilt at having broken stuff, and
embracing her power. You get to watch her go from "Conceal, don't
feel, don't let them know" to compiling a little "Hello World", then a
full application ("it's time to see what I can do"), and finally she
types "su" (or "sudo -i") and declares that the past is in the past
and she's never going back! Being root means never having to
apologize... you just fix everything you broke, and meanwhile build
something beautiful.

Are you willing to live in a palace of your own creation? Willing to
run a hybrid of Debian Stable, Ubuntu Something-Ancient, and Debian
Unstable, plus self-compiled unreleased versions of Wine, ALSA,
Python, and Pike, with the latter even having patches that aren't yet
accepted by upstream? (That's my current desktop system. Seems to be
working fairly well, but there are glitches with ALSA. Not sure why,
can't be bothered figuring them out, work-arounds are known and I just
need to re-apply them every kernel update.) The beauty of a free and
open system isn't that you do everything yourself, but that you could
do anything yourself.

(Oh, and make sure you give your beloved sister an account on your
system. You never know when you'll need her help at the movie's


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